A Shore Thing A Shore Thing
Water, in all its importance to the human condition, plays an important role in Union Hardware products. This 365 sq ft digital painting pays homage to the role of water in Art and in our daily lives. It's a lighthearted tribute to some great and near-great masterpieces that refer to water in some way. And one or two that don't, but which delight us anyway.
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Starry Night Starry Night
Never before replicated in a Post-Door Hardware impressionistic style, this rendering utilizes over 1,250 door knobs, levers, and back plates from Italy, Germany and the U.S. The background consists of PVC boards that the artist stained with PVC primer. All of the hardware for this creative repurpose is old, remnant, and has been salvaged and accumulated over the course of many years. This visionary and design-forward endeavor perhaps marks the first time such materials have ever been used in the art world. - See more...

Loo-cy Loo-cy
Introducing Loo-cy, our Hybrid motorized Loo. Loo-cy was first introduced in the DC Pride parade in 2014 as Loo-Cille (in white and pink). Loo-Cille's next appearance was a breakthrough where she won 2nd place at a car show in Potomac, MD. When Loo-Cille entered the Back to Bethesda car show during the Taste of Bethesda, Loo-Cille got a makeover and became the Loo-cy that you see today. After two car shows, Loo-cy entered an air show in Gaithersburg, MD, where it delighted the crowd around the runway. When winter hit, Loo-cy was fitted with a snowplow and the crowd went wild.
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Flaming Queen The Flaming Queen
High end to Union Hardware is doing something well. Not just going part way. Commit. In the pride parade where politically incorrect is correct, we went for it. Like Grease Lighting, we needed to name our ride to get the crowd into the spirit of the parade. After the flames behind the front wheel went on, the name was obvious.

Art Festival
Union Hardware is a proud sponsor of the Bethesda Fine Arts Festival.
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Pride Parade
Union Hardware is a proud participant at the Washington DC Pride Parade.
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The Children's in at NIH
Union Hardware is a proud to be a sponcer of The Children's in at NIH.
The Children's Inn at the National Institutes of Health is a residential "place like home" for sick children and their families. Children come from across the country and around the world to stay together with their families in The Inn's healing environment while receiving groundbreaking medical treatments at the NIH, the world's leading biomedical research center. While the NIH takes care of the child's medical needs, The Inn tends to the child's heart, soul and spirit. More Info..

Bethesda Art & Entertainment
Co-Owner David Goldberg, values the communities interest in public art (as seen in his public art creations). In 2013 David was invited to serve on the the city's art & entertainment board which actively works to increase the communities awarnes and interest as an arts and entertainment district.
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Rebuilding Together
For 25 years and 150,000 homes and counting, Rebuilding Together strengthens the lives of our most vulnerable communities by providing low-income homeowners with critical home repairs, accessibility modifications and energy-efficient upgrades. Since 2013, Union Hardware has been providing expertise, experience and labor needed to revitalize these homes.
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