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Concept drawing from 2012:

Story behind A Shore Thing
Water, in all its importance to the human condition, plays an important role in Union Hardware products. This digital painting pays homage to the role of water in Art and our daily lives. It's a lighthearted tribute to some great and near-great masterpieces that refer to water in some way. And one or two that don't, but which delight us anyway.

John Thompson John Thompson is professional creative director, illustrator and designer. He and his wife Lisa have collaborated with Union Hardware on numerous projects from the small logo's to the lead artist of "A Shore Thing". A big thing.
email: John Thompson

David Goldberg

David Goldberg is the co-owner of Union Hardware. David's passion for art and great design, has helped guide Union Hardware's focus on fresh true desiner products that rise to the level of functional art.

Hydro Systems

Thank you Hydro Systems for the slice of tub covering Olympia. You once again prove that you are a "can do" company and did a great job engineering this for us. Our project would not be the same without your help and support.
More info: Hydro Systems

Barber Wilsons

Thank you Barber Wilson & Company for donating your shower heads. Your 100 years of experience in the manufacturing of water fittings is a perfect fit with Union Hardware and the theme of "A Shore Thing".
More info: Barber Wilsons & Co Ltd